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PAI makes the connections between reproductive health and rights and other international development concerns. Access to contraception helps women create the lives they desire and contributes to a more sustainable future.

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Young people are a source of great potential, but also face unique challenges in realizing their reproductive rights. With more youth in the world today than at any time in history, PAI invests in their reproductive health now as the first step to a better future.

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PAI supports every woman’s right to make her own decision about whether to continue a pregnancy, and considers safe abortion a crucial part of reproductive health care.

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Quality and Access

PAI believes men and women around the world must be empowered to make free, full and informed choices about their reproductive health. Their reproductive rights should be at the core of every program.

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Drugs and Supplies

Too many women in developing countries still lack modern contraception and critical drugs to ensure safe pregnancies and births. PAI works to expand access to supplies women need to take charge of their own reproductive health.

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Funding for Development

We know family planning is a smart, cost-effective investment – a game-changer for women and for global development. That’s why PAI is a leading advocate for funding international reproductive health.

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Conflicts and Emergencies

Women living in areas of conflict or crisis have the same right to quality reproductive health care and family planning as anyone else. PAI works to make reproductive health care a priority during humanitarian crises so that vulnerable women and girls are not forgotten.

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We champion policies that make it possible for women to exercise their reproductive rights, and fight to remove the roadblocks between women and the care they need. We work with policymakers in Washington and our network of proven partners in developing countries to ensure reproductive health is a global priority.


We’re a proven resource for rigorous, cutting-edge research and analysis. We crunch the numbers on reproductive health funding and policy to make sure advocates all over the world have the evidence they need to change minds and win for women.

Special Initiatives

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